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Assign fax to email numbers to multiple co-workers or contacts using this easy one step form.
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It costs nothing to receive faxes. The sender will pay Telkom fax 2 email rates.
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Bizfax offers free fax numbers generating passive income. Start your own fax to email service or promote BizFax via your website.
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Fax to email

  BizFax fax to email is a free South African fax number that receives your faxes, converts them to PDF files and emails it directly to your email inbox.  Each person can get their own private fax to email number linked to their personal email address. There is no need for fax lines or fax machines. BizFax uses top-of-the-range corporate fax solutions, delivering a professional fax service to you for free. Learn more how fax to email works >

How to setup your BizFax number?
  1. Signup to get a free BizFax number.
  2. Cancel your traditional fax line and replace your fax number with your new BizFax number.
  3. When a fax is sent to your BizFax number  it is converted to a PDF attachment and forwarded directly to your email.
  4. After you have received the fax you can treat it like any email and simply file, forward or print.
  5. You can also have copies of all your faxes forwarded to your cell phone, or another email address, co-worker or spouse. Enable this feature in your "my account" on "link second email".

How to setup your BizFax number for a cell phone or iPad?
  1. Exactly the same as above except you will setup your BizFax number with the email account you can read on your cell phone, or even better, you will add your cell phone's email address as a secondary email address of your  existing BizFax number.
  2. If you only have one shared email address for both your cell phone and PC, then you will only have to setup the one BizFax number linked with that specific email address.
  3. If you are unable to read emails on your cell phone which contains PDF attachments,  you will not be able to use BizFax on your phone.

    Compare BizFax to traditional faxing
Basic Features: BizFax Conventional
Free no
Fax formats Email/ PDF/Print Print
Fax direct to PC/ Laptop  
Fax direct to mobile phone *  
Accept multiple simultaneous faxes UNLIMITED Engaged
Auto filing (email client)  
Forward via email 
  *Mobile phones require an email client and must be able to read PDF
*Never engaged means that we give a 99% guarantee.

Is our fax to email service really free

Yes it's really free!
Click on how can BizFax fax2email be free to learn more about costs...

Sign up and activation:
Signing up takes less than a few seconds with no set up or installation required.
It's easy to activate. Simply receive at least one fax in your first five days and the number is yours (to keep the number for life you must receive at least 3 faxes every 90 days).
Do your part for the environment and start faxing via email. No matter how busy you are, your fax line will never be engaged allowing you to receive multiple faxes simultaneously. Get your free BizFax number today and receive personal faxes reliably, wherever you are

Benefits of free fax to email:
There are many benefits to receiving your faxes by email. Eliminating fax line costs, increasing productivity and becoming mobile are some of the major benefits.
     Top 11 reasons for changing:
  1. It's free
  2. Each employee or co-worker can have their own dedicated number
  3. No line rental
  4. Better accessibility, storage and filing
  5. Can receive faxes wherever you are on your laptop, cell phone, PC or any internet access point
  6. Direct to PC:  increased security and privacy
  7. Better quality faxes
  8. Never engaged: receive faxes simultaneously on one number
  9. Environmentally friendly: saves paper and therefore trees
  10. One number for life, even when you move
  11. Better notification:  "Fax received!"
Who is it for:

Fax to email numbers can be used for both business and personal faxing requirements. Smart businesses use BizFax as a complete faxing solution for all their employees. Every business type out there will benefit by utilising our professional free fax to email service. Small and medium businesses can now also enjoy the massive benefits that fax to email offers and save thousands in faxing, line costs and more.

Businesses like yours  can get the full faxing power of large corporations but without the high costs of expensive technical staff, software or server maintenance. No incoming fax lines means lower costs. Employees receiving faxes directly to their desktop become more productive and increases security and privacy. They no longer have to leave their desks. One of the best features is that fax numbers will never be engaged even when you receive many faxes simultaneously on one number. What about receiving faxes while the power is down.  Once it is on email employees can simply print, file or forwarded just like email. BizFax is the smart way to receive faxes. Ensure to signup today to take advantage of our free offer. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.



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