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Fax with BizFax - When someone sends a fax your free fax number you will receive  the fax as an email attachment in outlook or your web mail.

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A BizFax number is a real fax number that gets linked to your email address. We convert all faxes sent to your new BizFax number into an email attachment which you can read on any computer. The fax is then delivered to your email address just like an email to be printed or  filed. You can read the fax on your computer, forward it or simply print a copy when needed. Imagine the paper and toner you save. No fax software, fax machine or fax line needed. You only need email. It saves you time, increases your mobility and best of all its free.  Get your free fax to email number and start faxing with BizFax.







  • BizFax free fax to email gives complete privacy and security as people no longer need to share fax machines. Everyone should get a personal free fax number and fax using BizFax.

  • BizFax free fax numbers saves money as you don't need fax lines, fax software, toner or paper to receive or send faxes.

  • Even when you are traveling or moving office your BizFax free fax number will remain unchanged for life.


Free Fax keypoints




Free Fax numbers for Businesses

Small, medium and large businesses can now also enjoy the massive benefits that fax to email offers. Get the full faxing power of large corporations but without the high costs of expensive technical staff, software  or server maintenance.  No incoming fax lines means less costs, less fax machines, less printing. Employees receiving faxes directly to their desktop become more productive as they no longer have to leave their desks and filing is automated. What about having single faxes delivered to multiple employees simultaneously. To top it all fax numbers will never be engaged even when the power is down you can receive faxes using fax to email numbers. Once it is on email employees can simply print, file or forwarded just like email. Isn't it time your company starts saving money by faxing with BizFax.  Apply for multiple fax numbers below.

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Send Faxes by Email

Unlike the free fax service that allows you to receive your faxes for free, sending faxes from email is a payment service. BizFax Pro is an add on service to your free BizFax number  that allows you to send faxes via INTERNET (3G, ASDL, GPRS) to any fax number in the world straight from your email!  No printing and paper needed. It delivers faxes just like a normal fax. Long distance and international fax calls will cost less than Telkom rates.  BizFax Pro is a payment service of R 15pm that includes 20 free fax minutes per month then 70c per minute there after.

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Send / Receive Faxes by Cell Phone

Break free from the fax machine and start sending and receiving faxes with your Cell phone, PDA, Smartphone or Blackberry. BizFax gives you a fax number that delivers faxes as email attachments. Read them anywhere! Most cell phones can receive emails, yes even yours! 

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Free email to Fax questions?                                                                                                          


  • Do I get a real fax number? 

    Yes. To the person faxing you it looks and acts like any other fax number. When someone faxes to your number, the fax is converted to a file that is emailed to you as an attachment.


  • What if I already have a fax number? 

    If you already have a fax number and want to keep it, there is no problem. Just contact your phone company and call-forward the number to your new BizFax number. Or you could give out your BizFax number and stop paying the high cost of an extra fax line.


  • Can I save my faxes? 

    Of course. Save a fax just like you would any email attachment and they'll only be a click away





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