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Wireless Faxing

Wireless Faxing is easy

Break free from the fax machine and start sending and receiving faxes with your PDA, Smartphone or Blackberry®. BizFax gives you a fax number that delivers faxes as email attachments. Read them anywhere!

How to set up fax receiving on your wireless device

  1. If you haven't already, signup for BizFax
  2. Log into your account
  3. Link a second email address (only if your mobile device email address is different to your registered BizFax email address, otherwise skip this point)
  4. In My Account choose the preferred file format for receiving faxes. You can choose between TIFF and PDF  (If you do not know which format your mobile device can read, consult your service provider or device manual.  (also see below recommendations)

Note: To receive faxes on your mobile device you first need to setup an email account on your phone/device. Most devices/phones are capable of doing this. If you do not know how to setup an email account on your device, phone your mobile service provider, manufacturer or see the device manual for assistance.  

How to print a fax from your wireless device

  1. Receive a fax on your mobile device
  2. Obtain the email address of a nearby printer
  3. Forward your BizFax email with the fax attachment to that email and have them print the fax for you.

Wireless Recommendations:

Most devices can read PDF file format. PDF format is there for  the recommended file format for receiving faxes on your mobile device.   Some devices does however require additional software to be installed. Your device manual,  manufacturer or service provider can assist you with the file types  your device supports and or software upgrades or downloads. If your device does not open the fax, check or ask if the device can read PDF or TIFF files before you download any software.

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