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Welcome to the BizFax Affiliate Program


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   BizFax provides a profitable business solution and easy management system for:  



  1. Affiliates:   Earn money by adding links, ads or general marketing on your existing website

  2. and earn money from each click or registrations taking place for a free fax number.


  1. Resellers:

Usually require a premises to sell but includes a website and other options:   

This allows the seller to sell the BizFax service and activate clients while earning revenue

from all faxes received by the clients on their free fax numbers. 




To read and understand our full affiliate program complete your name and email address below and a link will be sent to your email address with all the details.



               Reseller Enquiries:
Email:   NOTE: no webmail, hotmail or internet email addresses allowed i.e. Gmail



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